Three girls on cloud nine

2023-08-07T11:52:05+02:0031. July 2023|
Abschlussfeier der Mittelschule in Shkodra, Albanien

We did it! Nikola, Marjana and Françeska are absolutely thrilled: the three schoolgirls have finally achieved their goal. Their middle-school diplomas in the bag, the trio have successfully completed this stage of their education – what an achievement! The three young women proudly attended their graduation ceremony at the Don Bosco Center in Shkodra, Albania, to collect their certificates together with their classmates. Every face in the audience was beaming, including the teachers’. Now, all that’s left for the graduates is to enjoy the summer and a well-deserved break. And after that? Hopefully onto high school.

Nikola, Marjana and Françeska have not had an easy time of it. All three come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds and without financial support, their families could not have afforded to send them to school. Over the past two and a half years, Mix for Kids have funded scholarships for the three girls, opening doors for their futures and allowing them to choose their own path in life, a journey on which the trio are now well underway.

Mix for Kids will continue to provide scholarships for school attendance to disadvantaged children and teenagers in Albania.