About the Association

Mix for Kids wants to make life worth living

Mix for Kids is a non-profit organisation that wants to contribute to improving the living conditions of children and teenagers in disadvantaged communities or difficult situations.

Our objectives

Many aspects come into play when trying to give disadvantaged children and teenagers holistic support to and a fair chance for a self-determined life in freedom. The following objectives are particularly important to us in our projects.

Food security

„A hungry man
is not a free man.“
(A. E. Steveson)

Equality of opportunities

„… an equal opportunity to prove unequal talents.“
(Sir Herbert Luis Samuel)


„… is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.“
(Nelson Mandela)

Team sports

„Team spirit is not given.
It is created.“
(Torsten Marold)


The non-profit association Mix for Kids was founded in April 2018 on the sad occasion of the death of Steffen Mix, the junior boss of Kräuter Mix GmbH in Abtswind (Germany). His loss has deeply shocked us, family, colleagues, friends, but also inspired us by the thought to keep a special memory of him.

Steffen loved his job and maintained close contact with our customers and suppliers all over the world. When he was travelling abroad, he learned first hand about the difficult life situations in which children find themselves in disadvantaged countries. Projects and organizations that help these children were particularly dear to his heart and found his support.

In addition to his profession, Steffen’s great passion was football. As an aspiring referee, he lived the spirit of sport and team spirit. In order to keep his ideals alive, the non-profit association Mix for Kids supports charitable projects in various countries in the social and sports sectors.