Summer, sun, sand and sea

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Summer, sun, sand and sea

The holidays at last! 219 children could hardly wait for the end of the school year when they would be able to attend the summer camp at the Don Bosco education center in Shkodra, which Mix for Kids has sponsored since 2018. The summer holidays in Albania last for three months, during which the children would normally spend this time in the streets or on their phones – and that gets rather boring after a while.

This year, the boys and girls spent their days having unforgettable experiences of community, friendship and contemplation. The volunteers and Don Bosco nuns organized a rich and varied holiday program from morning to afternoon.

The days were spent eating, singing, dancing, laughing and playing together, as well as taking part in various group classes. The children had the chance to try out different sports, have a go at acting, take singing or guitar lessons, learn to cook, and improve their computer skills.

With the heatwave in the city, it was a welcome change to have a chance to cool off. During the summer camp, everyone was given the opportunity to spend two days at the beach and one day in the mountains. Swimming, building sandcastles, hiking and discovering nature – the children had a fantastic time.

At the end of the summer camp, there was a huge celebration for the children and their families, and the boys and girls had the chance to show off what they had learnt in their classes. “It was a wonderful summer. No one was bored. On the contrary, the children didn’t want the camp to end,” the nuns said.

Mix for Kids covered most of the costs of the trips to the beach and the mountains.