High school graduation in Albania

2021-07-19T16:30:24+02:0018. January 2021|

Exciting news from Albania: The three girls who were able to attend the high school in Shkodra thanks to Mix for Kids scholarships have graduated. At the graduation ceremony, they received their high school diplomas alongside their hundred classmates. From 2017 to 2020, they attended the three-year high school at the Don Bosco Center.

Marjeta, Çelestina and Tule come from difficult economic and social backgrounds. Without the financial support provided by Mix for Kids, the families would not have been able to afford school for their daughters. For the girls, these three years were full of challenges and required hard work on their part: During the week, they stayed in the city to go to school. On the weekend, they went home to their villages in the remote mountains of Albania where they had to work in the household and the fields to help support their families.

Showing great perseverance and discipline, Marjeta, Çelestina and Tule successfully graduated high school and are now planning their future careers: Marjeta wants to become a lawyer, Çelestina has enrolled in a college-level psychology program, and Tule is training to become a nurse. “Giving education to the children in greatest need is invaluable,” says Sister Isabel Aguilar, who cares for the children and adolescents at the Don Bosco Center in Shkodra together with other members of her order.

Mix for Kids will continue to provide scholarships for girls to attend school. The next three recipients are called Nikola, Marjana and Françeska.