It’s a dog’s world

2023-01-16T18:38:55+01:0029. November 2022|
Verkauf von tierischen Kunstwerken in der Hundeschule Neuenrade

Cows, horses, pigs: Judith Kräuter paints them all – and to great effect! Recently, however, one animal has ruled the roost: man’s best friend. Kräuter’s oil-on-canvas creations are real eye-catchers, her unusual four-legged subjects something truly different for the gallery, or living room, wall. But the artist’s brushstrokes are more than just a creative outlet. Kräuter’s art is all about doing something good, giving back, and donating to an important cause.

Mix for Kids has benefited from the artist’s donations for some time now. A full-time administrator, Judith Kräuter is also a keen amateur painter and regularly transfers the proceeds from the sale of her paintings to the non-profit to support children in need. Over the course of four years, she has donated an impressive total of around 2,000 euros.

Judith Kräuter has already secured new orders and her latest creations are well underway because a number of dog owners have started a new trend of immortalizing their beloved pets in oil paintings. But don’t worry, the four-legged friends aren’t obliged to spend hours posing in the studio – photos are more than good enough!

But where did all this sudden interest in Kräuter’s animal art come from? It was all down to Ben, the Labrador that Kräuter, originally from Neuenrade in western Germany, brought home last year. She took Ben to puppy training classes and offered to display her paintings at a school party. The cows and horses were such a great success that the dog lovers soon became art lovers.

“I’m working through my latest orders one by one and can’t wait to make my latest donation to Mix for Kids,” says Judith Kräuter.