Kräuter and art – a creative mix

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Using art to do good has long been Judith Kräuter’s credo. The administrator from Neuenrade in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, paints pictures in her free time – for herself as well as for family and friends. But her oil paintings are also available for sale. Judith Kräuter has always donated half of the proceeds to charity, with the money going to Mix for Kids since 2018. Since then, 850 euros have been raised for the charity’s aid projects.

“I used to donate to different organizations,” said Judith Kräuter, “but I wanted one set place for the money to go.” The artist from Sauerland found just that place by pure chance. “I typed kraeutermix, our personal e-mail address, into Google and came across Mix for Kids.” The website caught her interest right off the bat. She learnt about the association’s work, its aims and its projects.

“I like the fact that Mix for Kids supports a wide range of projects and I know exactly where the money is going.” Mix for Kids’ close ties to sport, not least because Steffen Mix was a passionate referee, sealed the deal for Judith Kräuter as, in her words, “my family loves soccer.” And so, one thing led to another.

To find buyers for her paintings, Judith Kräuter exhibits them – both in a hotel-cum-restaurant in Neuenrade and a doctor’s office in Bad Arolsen, Hesse. Some of her works can even be found in Neuenrade’s town hall. “Unfortunately, the hotel has been closed for a few months now. That’s why I’m looking for a new place to show my permanent exhibition,” explained the painter. When it comes to style, she does not like to put herself in a single box; instead she chooses her diverse motifs as fits her mood. Sometimes royally dressed cows appear on her canvas, sometimes it is dancing pigs or just flowers that spring from her inspiration. In any case, Judith Kräuter is not looking to put her brush down anytime soon and wants to keep painting for a good cause.

If you are interested in Judith Kräuter’s paintings, you can contact the artist at the following e-mail address: