A well-seasoned donation

2024-03-01T12:35:05+01:0028. February 2024|

Social commitment is close to the heart of Haumer & Bernreuther. The owner-run herb and spice company from Abtswind, Germany, regularly supports regional projects with monetary and material donations. Now Mix for Kids can look forward to receiving 500 euros. Managing Director Stephanie Weber presented a symbolic cheque to the deputy chair of the non-profit association, Bernhard Mix, who thanked her for the donation on behalf of the children and young people receiving support.

Mix for Kids supports socially disadvantaged girls and boys in Germany, Albania and India to enable them to lead worthwhile lives. “In my view, Mix for Kids deserves funding for several reasons”, explains Stephanie Weber. “On the one hand, as a mother, it is particularly important to me that children can flourish. On the other hand, our company has a connection with Kräuter Mix as we have been business partners for more than 40 years.”

In 2018, Kräuter Mix founded the support association in Abtswind. 134 people have joined the charity since then, recently including Haumer & Bernreuther with corporate membership.