The foundation of Mix for Kids

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In September 2017, the unexpected death of Steffen Mix shocked family, friends, colleagues and business partners as well as many people in Lower Franconia (Germany) and others who knew him through his sport activities. A designated managing partner of Kräuter Mix, his family’s Abtswind-based company, and a German Bundesliga referee, he died in a car accident when he was only 27 years old. For the funeral, the family asked for donations, to preserve Steffen Mix’s memory and let his ideals live on. As a result, over 30,000 euros in donations were received.

On many business trips, Steffen Mix had seen for himself the difficult conditions under which children and adolescents in disadvantaged countries live. He cared for and supported relevant relief organizations. Therefore, the decision was made to use the donations where help is urgently needed, and where Steffen Mix himself would have liked to help. To do so, family, colleagues and friends founded the non-profit association Mix for Kids in Abtswind on April 30, 2018.

The founding members were Bernhard Mix, Christine Mix, Silke Wurlitzer, Dr. Paula Torres Londoño, Sabine Schmidbauer, Michael Kämmerer and Martin Düchs, and Kräuter Mix became the first and largest supporting member. At the founding meeting, Silke Wurlitzer was elected chairperson for four years, with Bernhard Mix as her deputy. The third member of the board is Sabine Schmidbauer as the charity’s secretary and treasurer. The auditor is Martin Düchs.

Since late 2017, the initiators behind Mix for Kids had been thinking about how to apply the enormous amount donated. Ultimately, it was decided that the money would go to supports social projects for children and young people in India, Albania and Germany. “Mix for Kids wants life to be worth living,” says Silke Wurlitzer. “Every cent is used to give young people a fair chance to live a free, self-determined life.” This is why the association focuses on food security, equal opportunities, education and team sports. To achieve its mission, Mix for Kids cooperates with “Die Sternsinger”, a children’s charity, Don Bosco Mondo and the Würzburg-based Clown Doctors.

In the Indian region of Gujarat, money goes to an orphanage for street children, to women in a self-help group who make a living by putting together spice mixes, to a school and to a project dedicated to improving the quality of life of tribal peoples. In Germany, Mix for Kids supports the Clown Doctors who visit children in hospitals. In a next step, the non-profit will ensure that children from the mountain regions of Albania have a chance to attend school.

Silke Wurlitzer: “In all our projects, it is important to us not to provide one-time relief but ongoing support. Only then can we really make a difference.” This why Mix for Kids will continue to collect donations in the future. The association offers a membership and looks forward to welcoming new members. The tax-deductible annual fee of 25 euros for individuals and 100 euros for legal entities is also used to fund support projects.