New board and a whole lot of good deeds

2022-10-18T12:01:51+02:0014. October 2022|
Election of the board at Mix for Kids

Four years since Mix for Kids was founded, the association’s members were called upon to elect a new board in keeping with its statutes. Fortunately, the general meeting saw all positions filled smoothly to complete the new board of the association.

As in previous years, the board consists of chairwoman Silke Wurlitzer, vice-chairman Bernhard Mix, and treasurer/secretary Sabine Schmidbauer. For the first time, three further elected members have been added to the board: Dr. Paula Torres Londoño and Gertraud Mix are taking on responsibility for coordinating aid projects, while Michael Kämmerer will lead media and communications.

At the general meeting, Silke Wurlitzer took the opportunity to thank all those who contribute to the work of the association and encouraged the remaining 115 members to play an active role in shaping the not-for-profit. A look at the association’s current sponsorship work and numerous fundraising campaigns clearly shows just how worthwhile getting involved for a good cause can be, not to mention the financial report.

In the fiscal years 2021 and 2022, Mix for Kids gave a total of 60,000 euros to helping disadvantaged children and teenagers in Germany, Albania and India. In 2022/23, current forecasts suggest this figure will reach 26,000 euros. Since Mix for Kids was created, the association has raised a grand total of around 215,000 euros through donations, membership fees and collaborations, of which 150,000 euros have already been paid out to children’s aid projects.

“These are incredible amounts for our small association,” said treasurer Sabine Schmidbauer. Meanwhile, Kräuter Mix, Mix for Kids’ largest supporting member, covers the not-for-profit’s administrative costs through donations to ensure every cent goes to children and teenagers in need.