A taste of nature for the whole family

2023-09-18T12:31:36+02:0014. September 2023|
Naturerlebnisse für die ganze Familie

Running along the stream in rain boots on the hunt for small crabs and worms, seeing, feeling, smelling and hearing the forest, making paper from old cardboard boxes and noting as many details as possible in the scavenger hunt: there was endless fun to be had at the Nature Experience day jointly organized by Mix for Kids, the Bund Naturschutz, the Steigerwaldklub, the Frauenbund, the “Jugend mit Zukunft” association, the “Heimat erhalten – ökologisch gestalten” working group and FC Feuerbach.

The event boasted a full six-hour program for children aged between six and eleven and their families, with everyone getting involved at all the different stations. A total of around 200 people of all ages joined in at the sports ground in Feuerbach and the adjacent forest to play games, have fun, gain new skills and knowledge and follow in nature’s footsteps. There was certainly no time for boredom!

There was resounding applause for the performances in the forest theater, while creativity and handicrafts were the order of the day elsewhere, including making wooden discs, building seed balls, planting cress seed, filling scented bags and wreathmaking. There were also games of soccer and make-up sessions. Plus, Mix for Kids made sure to treat everyone to ice cream. But it wasn’t all just for the kids! The adults at the event came away with plenty of interesting facts from a walk through the forest and an information booth on natural gardens. An active day well spent all round!