A cool business: Ice cream all round!

2023-09-18T12:14:01+02:0010. August 2023|
Plätzchenverkauf des Kinder- und Jugendheims Geesdorf

After 45 years, the Geesdorf Children and Adolescents’ Home finally has a modern new kitchen, funded in large part by Mix for Kids. Of course the revamped room wouldn’t be complete without a new oven, which played a starring role in a fundraising campaign led by the home’s children and teenagers. The group baked cookies which they sold at the market in neighboring Wiesentheid, raising a profit of 52 euros!

But the kids from Geesdorf wanted to do good for other children, paying forward some of the support they themselves had received. They proudly handed over the proceeds to Mix for Kids in aid of its projects in Albania, where the non-profit helps socially disadvantaged students at the Don Bosco Center in Shkodra. The school will use the money to give their pupils a tasty treat: ice cream! At least while stocks last!