50 shoppers go on a Tupperware spree

2023-06-23T12:39:32+02:0025. May 2023|
50 Frauen auf Einkaufstour bei Tupperware

Picture 50 people on a week-long shopping spree and you probably imagine full cupboards and empty wallets! But this shopping marathon was certainly worth it, raising valuable funds for Mix for Kids. Self-employed Tupperware consultant Tina Weber organized the online sales event where she showcased plastic containers in every color of the rainbow and every shape imaginable. What’s more, she then donated her entire commission worth 200 euros from the campaign.

“Mix for Kids is close to my heart,” explains the 34-year-old, who is herself a member of the association. “I organize an online Tupperware donation party every year to raise money for children in need.” Weber came up with the idea during the Covid-19 lockdown, when people were no longer able to meet in person. Since the pandemic has ended, sales events, known as Tupperware parties, for lunchboxes, drinks bottles and salad bowls are once again hosted in person in kitchens and living rooms, where rotating hosts invite friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors.

Nevertheless, these virtual demonstrations with pictures and videos are here to stay. “I reach more people in one go in a WhatsApp group and can present the products over several days,” explains Weber. In future, Mix for Kids hopes for many more such win-win initiatives, with the association benefiting from the donation and the shoppers from their new Tupperware!