Tina’s terrific Tupperware party

2020-12-29T09:32:59+01:0017. December 2020|

Lunchboxes, beakers and salad bowls – whatever you’re looking for when it comes to kitchen and household utensils, Tina Weber has it all. The 32-year-old from Castell-Greuth (Germany) is an independent Tupperware consultant. If you’re at all house-proud, the products she sells will be right up your alley.

The wide range of plastic products on show is sold at Tupperware parties. Here, a host invites her friends, work colleagues and neighbors into her home and the consultant demonstrates what’s on offer. A clever concept, but not one suited to life during a pandemic when it’s vital to minimize in-person contact and keep your distance. At the moment, events like this just aren’t possible.

Instead, there are virtual Tupperware parties now. Rather than meeting in someone’s living room, people are coming together in a WhatsApp group where they can swap information and place their orders. But Tina Weber has managed to add something extra, turning it into a fundraising event. She donated her entire commission from a week of sales as a Tupperware consultant to Mix for Kids.

“I wanted to do something good for children and to give to those whose Christmases aren’t as nice,” explained Tina Weber as she described her first Tupperware event of this kind. “And my customers loved the idea.” Orders from 50 customers and their donations raised 513 euros. On top of that, Tina Weber threw in 18 Tupperware drink bottles. These will be given to schoolchildren in Albania supported by Mix for Kids as part of the association’s charity work.