Wedding bells spread joy

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Hochzeit: Der schönste Tag im Leben

June 18 was the big day for Anja and Stephan Bischof, who got married last summer in St. Martin’s church in Markt Herrnsheim, Germany. While the bride and groom were busy saying “I do”, they had already planned ahead what to do with the collection. The money raised during the service was to be donated to Mix for Kids.

Anja and Stephan Bischof used their order of service to give a little background to the charity’s social work, and the service raised more than 250 euros from family, friends and guests at the wedding.

While Anja Bischof is originally from Markt Herrnsheim, her husband Stephan from Lindenberg in the Allgäu region, the couple have now made their home in Memmelsdorf near Bamberg, where 32-year-old Stephan works as a research associate. Anja actually came across Mix for Kids by chance. After originally training as a pharmaceutical technician, the 28-year-old is now studying ecotrophology and was researching the company Kräuter Mix’s sustainability projects on its website when she stumbled across its social commitment to Mix for Kids as its largest supporting member.

The charity’s links to Albania hold special meaning for the couple. “In 2019, we traveled through Albania,” explains Anja Bischof. “While there, we were lucky enough to experience the great hospitality and warmth of the Albanian people. They were always open and helpful in spite of often rather basic living conditions. That’s why we were delighted to discover that Mix for Kids is committed to helping children and teenagers in the country.”