Up next: a TV appearance

2022-08-04T16:56:13+02:002. August 2022|
TV Mainfranken television program

Mix for Kids was on TV! In a six-minute report, the TV Mainfranken station, Germany, reported on the company Kräuter Mix’s various social and environmental projects. Of course, the non-profit also received extensive coverage as the company is the charity’s largest sponsor, having founded the association in 2018.

When interviewed, Chairwoman Silke Wurlitzer discussed the projects Mix for Kids supports in India and Germany to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children. The program, “Mach’s nachhaltig” (Make it sustainable), also looked at the company’s partnership with the footballers at TSV Abtswind, as they provide Mix for Kids with advertising space free of charge.

Click here to watch the German TV program.