TSV Abtswind donates sportswear

2022-05-24T15:55:23+02:003. January 2019|

The Don Bosco Centre in Shkodra can be happy about football boots, tracksuits, jerseys, pullovers, trousers and socks. The German sportsclub TSV Abtswind donated Mix for Kids used sportswear for children and teenagers. Mix for Kids sent over eighty pieces of clothing to Albania, where the sports equipment found grateful recipients. The TSV Abtswind had created space in its youth room, but the sports club did not want to throw away the well-kept things.

The reference to Mix for Kids was obvious: TSV Abtswind was the home club of Steffen Mix as a football referee, after whose accidental death Mix for Kids was founded. During his business trips as purchasing manager of Kräuter Mix, Steffen Mix travelled all over the world. Each time he took presents for children, especially sportswear, in an extra suitcase.

Since 2018 Mix for Kids has been supporting the Don Bosco Centre in Shkodra in the northwest of Albania, one of the poorest countries in Europe. The Don Bosco sisters have been running a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school there since 1992, where various sports are offered after lessons.

Last year already TSV Abtswind donated sportswear to Mix for Kids. At that time, the clothes went to a street children center in India.