The perfect match

2021-07-13T09:41:59+02:0013. July 2021|

Whether it’s a team outing, an end-of-season party or a team-building exercise, the TSV Abtswind soccer team treasurer makes sure there’s enough money for a whole range of occasions and activities. Of course, charitable causes are not forgotten. The players, represented by the two team captains Michael Herrmann and Adrian Dußler, have donated 50 euros to Mix for Kids.

Soccer and Mix for Kids have always had a very special link. Steffen Mix, in whose memory the association was founded, was a successful referee for TSV Abtswind. He lived and breathed sportsmanship. Not least because of this, Mix for Kids is committed to promoting team sports across its aid projects in tandem with food security, equal opportunities and education. Now, the children in the Mix for Kids sports groups in India and Albania love playing soccer.

“It’s the perfect match for us,” explained Michael Herrmann. “We love sports and it’s great that our donation plays a part in helping disadvantaged children receive professional soccer training.” TSV Abtswind and Mix for Kids have worked together since 2020. As part of their partnership, the sports club provides a number of advertising spaces totally free of charge to spotlight Mix for Kids at its soccer matches and on its website.