The carol singers are back!

2022-02-14T16:00:27+01:008. February 2022|
carol singers Abtswind

Last year, the Abtswind carol singers were only invited inside virtually. In a break from tradition, they filmed a special YouTube video to deliver the words of blessing and sing songs. Those watching the event were then able to transfer their donations for children in need directly to the church’s bank account.

Now, the carol singers are back. Once again, they went from house to house, stopping off at Mix for Kids along the way. This year, 30 houses signed up for a visit from the boys and girls dressed up as the Three Wise Men. In total, the people of Abtswind, Germany, dropped a total of 1100 euros in the collection boxes. As in previous years, the donations went to Mix for Kids’ aid projects.

Silke Wurlitzer and Gertraud Mix thanked the carolers and local pastor Beate Krämer for their hard work helping disadvantaged children and teenagers in India, Albania and Germany and gifted them sweets, as is traditional during the carolers’ home visits.