Students sell waffles and punch

2020-06-17T09:39:29+02:0015. June 2020|

The last day of school before the winter break saw crowds gathering at the Schloss Schwarzenberg high school in Scheinfeld (Germany). The smell of homemade waffles and hot punch with fresh fruit drew teachers and students from all grades alike as they marked the start of the holidays. On this occasion, one of the graduating classes was responsible for organizing the traditional Christmas sale.

The planning, organization, making and selling of the products all came down to the students who had prepared everything at home before making the waffles and punch together at school. People loved it – as was reflected by the financial result: At the end of the day, the cash box held 800 euros. The students did not keep this money for themselves, instead donating it. In line with the motto “Think global – act local” the proceeds went to Mix for Kids.

“We really wanted to support an organization in the region that we could also get to know personally,” explained the liaison teacher responsible for the project, Matthias Auer, alongside Ronja Leubner, Eva-Maria Brügel and Benjamin Söder, the high school seniors who were jointly responsible for the sale. Together, they visited Mix for Kids to hand over the symbolic donation check. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, they were only able to meet after some delay and following physical distancing and hygiene regulations.