Passing it on

2023-02-13T10:17:56+01:0026. January 2023|
Übergabe des Spendenschecks bei der Wiesentheider Firma KTU

When it comes to transporting deliveries from A to B, delivery company KTU usually puts one of its distinctive blue and yellow trucks on the road. But when it came to sending their 1,000-euro donation to Mix for Kids, the transport specialists from Wiesentheid, Germany, were happy to change things up with a bank transfer and symbolic check.

“We thought about what we could give back to society,” said commercial manager Raisa Davydova-Fischer at the joint handover with workshop and fleet manager Philip Stumpf. “It’s important to us that we support a local organization and that the money goes where it’s really needed.”

That’s exactly why the medium-sized delivery service, which specializes in transports to and from Italy, once again chose to donate to Mix for Kids and its aid projects in Germany, India and Albania.