Precious cargo for the Klinikclowns

2022-02-01T16:27:31+01:0027. January 2022|
1000 euros for the clown work

Usually, they’re the ones making others laugh. Now the Würzburg Klinikclowns, or clown doctors, have their own reason to celebrate: they received a thousand-euro donation for their work in children’s wards and retirement homes. The donation was made by KTU, a delivery service from Wiesentheid, Germany, who gave Mix for Kids the money for the Klinikclowns not-for-profit.

“Some of our employees from Wiesentheid brought Mix for Kids to our attention,” explained KTU managing directors Markus Leckert and Richard Stumpf. “We are delighted that by supporting Klinikclowns we are helping such an important initiative bring joy to children and other patients in hospital.”

When she handed over the symbolic check to Tatjana Klapp, aka clown doctor Schlawine, Silke Wurlitzer, Chairwoman of Mix for Kids, explained that one hundred percent of the money goes to supporting their aid projects. As well as the Klinikclowns, Mix for Kids also supports the Children and Adolescents’ Home in Geesdorf as well as initiatives in India and Albania to help disadvantaged children and young people lead a life worth living. Founded by employees of the Abtswind company Kräuter Mix, Mix for Kids has been working with the Klinikclowns ever since the association was founded four years ago.

The Würzburg clown doctors are specially trained artists, therapists and educators, often with medical training. They regularly visit children in hospital in Würzburg and Schweinfurt, but also retirement homes and people with disabilities.

“Laughter is the best medicine,” explained clown doctor Schlawine, who, like Silke Wurlitzer, thanked KTU managing directors Markus Leckert and Richard Stumpf for the generous donation. The medium-sized delivery service specializes in transports to and from Italy.