Merchandise for sale

2019-12-04T11:14:21+01:0018. April 2019|

The employees of Kräuter Mix had the opportunity to purchase towels, thumb drives, spice mills and a number of other merchandise articles at a staff warehouse sale. The Germany-based company, which produces herbs, spices and teas, cleared its stocks to make room for new products.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary in 2019, Kräuter Mix revised its corporate design and changed the company logo. Among other things, advertisements were updated, the website revised, and the new logo installed on the company’s buildings.

Employees were able to secure promotional articles featuring the old logo at special prices. Numerous people seized the opportunity to purchase useful everyday items. The sale brought in 1,100 euros, which were donated to Mix for Kids. Kräuter Mix is the biggest sponsor of the non-profit organization.