“It was an honor to play for Steffen”

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As it’s getting colder outside, it’s time to turn up the heat: Every December, anpfiff.info, an online news portal, invites amateur soccer teams from all around Franconia (Germany) to play an indoor tournament. Teams don’t only want to win the matches and take home the challenge cup, but also secure prize money for a charity of their choice. In the run-up to the event, each team picks a non-profit organization that will receive the prize money offered by anpfiff.info if the team does well. A total of 1,200 euros will be paid out to the charities supported by the three top-ranking men’s and women’s teams.

At the Good Will Cup in Forchheim, the amateur players of the 14 men’s and six women’s soccer teams provided plenty of action on the field turf, scoring a total of 260 goals in 53 games. The tournament went well for the ladies of a team called “Not That Important” who played for the benefit of Mix for Kids. With the best offensive line in the tournament, the women’s team assembled and led by Tobias Mühlsteff made it to the final. It was a close call, but ultimately the team lost 0:1. Despite the defeat in the last match, the runners-up were happy; this was their third tournament appearance and the first time they won prize money. Mix for Kids was also delighted with the result as 200 euros went to the non-profit’s donation account.

Team manager Tobias Mühlsteff knew right away which organization to support when he registered for the tournament. The Bayreuth-based sports photographer had often taken pictures of soccer games in which Steffen Mix refereed. “I always considered him a great role model,” says Mühlsteff, who joined Mix for Kids immediately when it was founded, as the non-profit organization is committed to preserving Steffen Mix’s memory after his tragic death. “It was an honor for me and my team to play for Steffen.”