Herbal tea under the Mix for Kids label

2020-08-25T10:26:25+02:0025. August 2020|

Mix for Kids now has its own herbal tea. The 1,000 Mix for Kids tea caddies are produced by Abtswind-based manufacturer Kräuter Mix GmbH, the largest supporting member of the non-profit association. The company uses the tea caddies as promotional gifts for its customers and business partners to spread the word about Mix for Kids.

On the label, tea drinkers can find out about the goals of Mix for Kids and how donations are used, illustrated by images of supported projects. Of course, the donation account is also stated.

The charity tea contains rose hips, verbena leaves, lemongrass, hibiscus blossoms and other herbs and flowers. It can be enjoyed hot or iced, with a slice of lemon. The 35 grams per caddy make close to two liters of tea. As the sponsor, Kräuter Mix also provides the tea to Mix for Kids so that the non-profit can use it for marketing purposes.