Go, kids, go!

2022-07-14T11:35:29+02:0014. July 2022|
Charity run Albertshofen

Running for a cause: that was the name of the game at sports day for the children at Albert Schweitzer elementary school in Albertshofen, Germany, where every 350-meter lap around the soccer field raised money for Mix for Kids.

The 95 pupils had two hours to complete the challenge. Running, jogging, walking – how they got there didn’t matter. Given the heat and blazing sunshine, it was a sensible choice for the first through fourth graders to take a short break, to make sure they were drinking enough and also to cool off at the water buckets around the sports field. A crowd of parents, siblings, grandparents and teachers were there to cheer them on, as well as Michael Kämmerer from Mix for Kids and Dr. Paula Torres Londoño, who gave the runners their starting signal.

Every child had asked for sponsorship in advance, including from family, friends and companies who all donated a set amount for each lap completed round the sports field. The commitment shown by the children, as well as some guest runners, raised a total of 5650 euros – a new record for the event, which takes place every two years at the Albertshofen elementary school.

The student council had previously decided that half of the proceeds from the sports day would go to Mix for Kids projects in India and the other half would go to projects in Albania. All the children received a medal to celebrate their hard work, while certificates were also handed out to those who completed the most laps. In addition, the Kräuter Mix company also donated a pack of herbal tea for each participant.