From India for India

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It all began with an unusual Christmas present: Elke Engert gave herself, her husband, their two sons and the sons’ partners Mix for Kids memberships. “It was such a great gift,” says Kevin Engert from Kleinrinderfeld near Würzburg (Germany) about his mother’s surprising idea.

But this was not the end of it for the 31-year-old: Together with his partner Dana Götze, he runs Ananda Life, an Ayurveda practice and a yoga studio located in Kleinrinderfeld and neighboring Kist. The couple helps people rediscover their quality of life and shows them how to achieve greater ease, wellbeing and happiness.

Many clients thank them by leaving a tip – half of which Kevin Engert and Dana Götze donate to Mix for Kids. “We love what Mix for Kids does,” the two yoga teachers and Ayurveda health consultants say. “We also prefer to support a regional non-profit.” At their office, they put up a sign above the tip box informing customers about Mix for Kids and how their donations are used.

Recently, Kevin Engert and Dana Götze presented the first 300 euros to Silke Wurlitzer, Chairwoman, Sabine Schmidbauer, Treasurer and Secretary, and Dr. Paula Torres Londoño, Project Manager at Mix for Kids, who in turn told the benefactors more about the organization’s ongoing social projects. Kevin Engert is particularly taken with India, where Mix for Kids co-sponsors various institutions: “I have traveled India twice myself and am fascinated by the country. But as people are so poor, it is also important to help.”

For Kevin Engert and Dana Götze, the connection to India is evident also for another reason: After all, the philosophical teachings of yoga originate in India and Ayurveda is India’s traditional medicine.