From food safety to food security

2022-01-19T10:50:52+01:0013. January 2022|
Donation Dr. Fred Siewek

Mix for Kids is committed to ensuring that disadvantaged children and teenagers never go to bed hungry. Indeed, food security plays a central role in the non-profit’s aid projects.

Food is also at the heart of the professional life of Dr. Fred Siewek – and has been for almost four decades now. After all, Siewek, who holds a PhD in food chemistry, has many years of experience in a range of management positions in the food sector. The Hanover native has also made a name for himself in the industry as an editor and author of academic works.

These days, Siewek works as an independent management consultant. His company, Food Safety Consulting (FSC), supports food production organizations with issues of quality management, especially when it comes to herbs and spices, covering everything from global procurement to laboratory analyses and risk assessments.

Dr. Siewek has been contributing his extensive knowledge to Kräuter Mix for four years now but has been associated with the company as a business partner since the mid-1980s. As such, he is also well-acquainted with Mix for Kids. Now, with a donation of 500 euros, he is helping to make sure that children and teenagers in India and Albania have enough to eat.