Double whammy as both member and donor

2024-02-19T08:19:00+01:0019. February 2024|
Spende von Dr. Fred Siewek an Mix for Kids

Mix for Kids has over 130 members and many donors, who help improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and young people. Mix for Kids is always happy to receive financial assistance, no matter the form or amount. But there are some supporters who have been consistently loyal to the charity as both members and donors.

This group includes Dr. Fred Siewek, who joined Mix for Kids shortly after it was founded in 2018 and has been a regular donor for several years. This time, Siewek donated €1,000 to the aid projects in India, Albania and Germany.

The food chemist from Hanover, Germany, is particularly keen to help Mix for Kids provide food security and distribute healthy meals to children in need. Siewek works as an independent management consultant in the field of food safety with his company Food Safety Consulting (FSC).