Clever fit donated it

2019-01-23T18:22:16+01:0023. January 2019|

If you want to train and get fit in the gym Clever fit in Kitzingen (Germany), you need your personal wristband as admission ticket to the world of weight benches, treadmills and power machines. If you forgot your wristband at home, you need to pay two euros at the entrance to pass the turnstile to the studio. In the course of time a nice sum came together, as owner Mario Schmidt and gym manager Anastasia Wallbaum stated, who donated the money to social services. 250 of the total 500 euros went to Mix for Kids.

“The forgetfulness of our members thus serves a good cause,” said Mario Schmidt, who also wants to support the non-profit association in the future. At the handover of the cheque chairwoman Silke Wurlitzer explained that the donation of the gym harmonises well with the goals of Mix for Kids. The funded projects in favour of disadvantaged children and teenagers in India, Albania and Germany are not only about food security, equality of opportunities and education but also about team sports.