Children helping children

2022-05-12T14:09:03+02:0010. May 2022|
Children helping children

The young people at the Children and Adolescents’ Home in Geesdorf, Germany, have been deeply touched by the ongoing war in Ukraine and the fate of its people. This led them to wonder how they could help Ukrainian children in need. Children who have nothing left because they have had to flee the war, their homes in their towns, cities and villages destroyed.

In Geesdorf, they came up with the idea of baking cookies in the shape of Easter bunnies and selling them at the spring market in neighboring Wiesentheid. Under the supervision of the home’s director Cornelia Süptitz, the children and teenagers went out selling the cookies to the public. The home donated the proceeds of 62 euros to Mix for Kids which was used to help the Ukrainian children.

The association supports a shelter in Poland where up to eight people can find safe refuge from the war. Women and children from Ukraine have been living there since the beginning of March. Mix for Kids helps ensure they have the basic necessities, especially food, toiletries and clothing. The money from Geesdorf is also going to these refugee children.

The children and adolescents’ home has been one of Mix for Kids’ permanent support projects since 2019. The association has already financed a joint vacation for the children, renovation work for a recreation room, laptops and printers for distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as an e-bike and a bike trailer for trips out together.

Now the children have passed on the baton and demonstrated their own willingness to help other children in difficult living conditions.