Changing the world with music

2020-09-15T18:38:29+02:001. February 2020|

Music can change the world. So said the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven. But in the case of the Beatscheune music school in Lülsfeld, Germany, it is not just those learning an instrument feeling the benefits. With their donation of 430 euros for Mix for Kids, Thomas Scheder’s music school has made a real contribution to improving the lives of disadvantaged children and teenagers.

The money, which will go towards aid projects run by Mix for Kids, came from the Christmas fair held at open days in 2018 and 2019. Music students played, bands performed, and anyone interested had the chance to try out the guitar, bass, piano, keyboard and drums in taster sessions. The 200 visitors to the Beatscheune school enjoyed stellar performances over the course of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Christmas fair inside the music school invited visitors to take a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle. Margit Scheder, the owner’s mother and herself a member of Mix for Kids, sold homemade Christmas decorations and small gifts – the product of weeks of work. Mulled wine, punch, coffee, pies and waffles were all also on offer. The proceeds went to the good cause.

“It was an all-round success,” said a delighted Thomas Scheder. At the Beatscheune, Scheder, alongside several other music teachers, offers music lessons in pop, rock and jazz for children and teenagers between the ages of six and eighteen. He also promotes young talent with his band coaching service and creates audio productions.