Carol singers achieve record results

2020-06-17T09:50:29+02:0011. March 2020|

Dressed up as the Three Wise Men, hundreds of thousands of Epiphany singers flock to Germany’s streets every year on and around January 6. In groups, the young carolers go from home to home as they chalk the doors with the blessing “C+M+B” which stands for “Christus mansionem benedicat,” or “Christ, bless this house.” In doing so, they also collect donations for children in need all over the world.

Since 1959, Epiphany singing has been the world’s largest act of solidarity by children for children. Since the event’s beginnings, the carolers have collected a total of over one billion euros – with support given to more than 74,400 projects in aid of the many millions of girls and boys across the globe who lack even life’s most basic necessities.

Across Germany, around 300,000 young carolers got involved once again as the year began – their feet nimble, their hands busy, wearing sparkling crowns and colorful robes, all accompanied by festive music. In Abtswind, nine carolers spread over two groups accompanied by two adults walked through the streets for several hours offering blessings and songs to the residents. “The children had a great time,” said Beate Krämer, the local pastor who had seen the carolers off during the morning’s service.

All their effort was worth it: At the end of the day, the collection boxes held 1,261 euros. “A record amount,” as the pastor noted. Along with the organizers Beate Krämer and Elisabeth Geiger, the Abtswind carolers brought the money to Mix for Kids and passed on their blessings for the new year. “This collaboration between the local association and the “Die Sternsinger” [the carolers] children’s charity means that we know the donation will be put to good use in giving children in need a future,” commented Beate Krämer.