Applause not only for the actors

2019-12-04T11:06:41+01:002. April 2019|

“Für die Familie kann man nichts” (“Your family is not your fault”) was the name of the play presented by the amateur theater of the Abtswind fire brigade (Germany). While there may be nothing one can do about one’s family, there is definitely something one can do, such as donate money. Altogether, 910 euros went to the social projects sponsored by Mix for Kids. On three nights, the amateur actors performed the three-act comedy on stage, and one euro of every ticket sold went to Mix for Kids.

Three sold-out shows at 200 enthusiastic visitors each meant a total of 600 euros for Mix for Kids. This sum was presented by the actors to Michael Kämmerer as the representative of Mix for Kids on stage after the last curtain fell. In addition, theatergoers donated over 300 euros that were collected in a donation box set up during the performances.