Adding a bit of spice to life

2020-12-16T16:27:11+01:0011. December 2020|

This holiday season saw Kräuter Mix’s friends, employees and business partners surprised with a particularly special festive delivery: As well as Seasons Greetings, the box contained two cans of the exciting new Mutton and Chicken Masala spice mixes. The company from Abtswind (Germany) produced the spice blends according to traditional Indian recipes from the female spice-producers in the Vadodara self-help groups – a project Mix for Kids has supported since 2018.

The project aims to set up self-help groups for mothers, teaching them everything they need to know to produce and market traditional Indian spices. This includes preparing ingredients, drying and preservation techniques, preparing the mixtures, hygiene regulations, quality control, accounting, marketing and professional demeanor. After all, an effective way to support disadvantaged children and teenagers is to support their mothers.

The self-help groups’ products, which they sell at markets, are truly excellent. The women have very much grown into their roles as small-scale producers and retailers and their self-esteem and confidence have rocketed – especially as by selling their spices they are not just improving their own lives but those of their children too.

To celebrate the origin of the spice blends and their connection to the association, Kräuter Mix, Mix for Kids’ greatest supporting member, had the can labels printed in the association’s colors, proudly displaying their logo as well as a photo of the female Indian spice producers. The cans also came with a booklet to provide information about the association and the spice project as well as recipes explaining how to use the two spice mixes.

The Mutton Masala mix is made with coriander, cumin, chilies, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, mace and nutmeg and is particularly well-suited to vegetable, lentil and lamb dishes, curries and sauces. The Chicken Masala mix is made with cumin, chilies, fennel, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, mace and cloves. We recommend using in poultry or meat dishes, in curries and with vegetables.

Beyond this Christmas appeal, Kräuter Mix will continue to use the spices as a promotional gift to raise awareness of the work of Mix for Kids and their aid projects. The company will also provide cans to the association for fundraising and membership campaigns.

The booklet is available to view, read and download here.