Zebra is the name of the game

2022-05-06T11:55:27+02:0013. October 2020|

Lettering, graphics, advertising practice and outdoor advertising are all just part of everyday working life for Klaus Dürner from Wiesentheid, Germany. Now the owner of the “Zebra – Die Werbstatt” advertising agency has also created two large-scale promotional signs for Mix for Kids. Dürner generously made the 2.5-meter-wide, 75-centimeter-high aluminum and plastic billboards free of charge. The signs have since been put up in the Kräuter Mix Arena, the home of TSV Abtswind soccer club.

“I have a great business relationship with the company Kräuter Mix and so I wanted to do my part in helping to make Mix for Kids stick in the minds of soccer fans,” explained Dürner. The two advertising boards directly overlook the pitch with one on each touchline and are right in the spectators’ field of vision, as well as that of the cameras which regularly report from games in Abtswind, the home of Mix for Kids.

Mix for Kids’ striking logo and bright colors mean that the signs easily catch the eye, drawing attention to the goals the Association pursues with its aid projects to help disadvantaged children and teenagers, namely: Food security, equal opportunities, education and team sports.

The perimeter advertising is part of a partnership with TSV Abtswind to promote the work of Mix for Kids locally. The sports club does not charge for any of this advertising, including signs, banners and advertisements.