Working handmade magic

2020-12-30T09:39:36+01:0029. December 2020|

“I need something about this size… It has to fit this… Any ideas?” This, or something along these lines, is how Andrea Bitti usually receives her orders. When asked what she’s sewing, the best answer is always: “Something that doesn’t exist yet and that nobody else makes.” Andrea Bitti runs a creative workshop in Nümbrecht near Cologne where she makes useful, and beautiful, pieces.

Her clothes, bags, covers and cases are never off the peg, but custom-made, coming in a wide range of colors, fabrics and patterns and individually labeled and embroidered with different motifs and phrases – everything from on trend to vintage. She also designs specially adapted clothing and accessories for children with disabilities.

This much is clear: Andrea Bitti’s finished products are all one-offs. “Almost anything is possible; sometimes you just have to work your magic,” explained Bitti, a hotel manager by trade who now lovingly handcrafts her products with a needle and thread or using a sewing and embroidery machine. And it’s all self-taught, with Bitti starting her own business at the beginning of 2020.

For Andrea Bitti, when it comes to Mix for Kids it’s a labor of love as “every single cent gets where it’s needed, quickly and easily.” That’s why Andrea Bitti puts her talents to use to support the non-profit in a very special way: With great attention to detail, she produces gifts for Mix for Kids, giving them to the association free of charge. So far, she has already made denim key rings, felt bookmarks and tea and hand towels, all finished with the association’s logo. Mix for Kids can then use these little pieces of handmade magic as promotional gifts for donors and members.

Please go to to see examples of Andrea Bitti’s work.