Warming more than just our cockles

2024-02-14T19:01:39+01:0013. February 2024|
Spende der Firma Dämmtec aus Geesdorf an Mix for Kids

When it comes to insulating technical plants and systems, Dämmtec from Geesdorf, Germany, knows its stuff. This certified master enterprise provides insulation for heat and cold, and to protect against noise and fire. Now the company has started supporting social causes too, with a €1,000 donation to Mix for Kids, a non-profit association that helps disadvantaged children and young people in Germany, Albania and India.

“This year, we decided against the traditional gifts for our customers at the end of the year,” explains the company’s owner and CEO Holger Reuß. “Instead, we are supporting Mix for Kids projects.” This includes the children’s home in Geesdorf, to which Reuß has a personal connection: “A childhood friend of mine grew up there.”

In 2011, Holger Reuß turned entrepreneur and founded Dämmtec, which has its workshop and warehouse in Gerolzhofen in addition to its administrative headquarters in Geesdorf, allowing it to serve industrial, commercial and private customers from all over Germany. One the company’s 15 employees is Erik Reuß, Holger Reuß’s son, who is ready to take on the next generation of the business.