Twice as good

2021-12-08T16:02:01+01:007. December 2021|

Markus Freund is a long-standing and loyal supporter of Mix for Kids. Ever since the association was founded in 2018, the independent finance specialist from Schlüsselfeld, Germany, has been a regular donor and is himself a member of Mix for Kids.

Alongside his annual holiday donation, this year saw another reason to give: the 30th anniversary of his business, Finanzplanung Freund e.K. To celebrate this milestone, Markus Freund doubled the amount to one thousand euros, which he presented with a symbolic check to Chairwoman Silke Wurlitzer and Project Manager Dr. Paula Torres Londoño.

Markus Freund, an insurance and financial broker, has been organizing his customers’ wishes and goals since 1991, with services from the Zurich Insurance Group.