Tea magic in the children’s hospital

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Laughter is known to be the best medicine. The Würzburg Clown Doctors are experts in this field. Specially trained artists, therapists and educators visit children’s hospitals and retirement homes in order to give the patients joie de vivre and variety in everyday life in a humorous way. Since 2014 Kräuter Mix has been supporting the work of the Clown Doctors through donations, most recently as the largest supporting member of Mix for Kids, whose cooperation partners are the Clown Doctors.

Now the company in Abtswind (Germany), which produces herbs, spices and teas, has also actively supported the Clown Doctors Schlawine (Tatjana Kapp) and Machnix (Silvia Kirchhof) and organised a children’s tea laboratory at the Missio Children’s Hospital in Würzburg. Tina Kautler and Michael Kämmerer had brought herbs, fruits and blossoms from all over the world, which amazed not only the little patients, but also Schlawine and Machnix. In two hours full of variety they learned interesting facts about tea ingredients such as camomile, peppermint, buckthorn berries and hibiscus.

In the film “Die Sendung mit den Clowns – Der Teezauber” (“The show with the Clown Doctors – the tea magic”) the children saw how the fruit tea “KinderTräumerei” (Children’s dreams) is made at Kräuter Mix and they could try the drink right away. At several stations they got to know herbs, fruits and blossoms by seeing, smelling, tasting and touching and were allowed to mix and take their own tea with them. “Through the different ingredients and quantities each child arranged a herbal or fruit tea, which is unique”, explained Michael Kämmerer of the company Kräuter Mix. “This shows how diverse tea can be.”