Some like it hot

2022-01-11T13:01:28+01:0022. December 2021|
mulled wine winery Kohles

Wintertime is the perfect time for mulled wine, and cold days call for a warm mug. The same is true at the Kohles winery in Prichsenstadt, Germany, where homemade red and white mulled wine, made from local Franconian grapes and refined with exclusively natural spices, is on offer.

Over the course of three sales events, wine lovers were offered the chance to do some good with their mulled wine. For every liter bottle sold, winemakers Heinrich and Andrea Kohles donated two euros to Mix for Kids, raising a total of 310 euros.

Of course, the Kohles family winery not only offers mulled wine, but also produces their own wine for every taste and season, as well as entirely alcohol-free grape juice.