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2022-07-18T18:17:48+02:006. July 2022|
Opening of the Mix for Kids support program in India

The Don Bosco Center Snehalaya has a new classroom! The room was opened by the Center’s director, Father Baptist Monteiro, in a ribbon cutting ceremony and will be used as part of the 2022 support program for children from poor neighborhoods in the Indian city of Vadodara. The program is funded by Mix for Kids.

Project staff and children alike attended the opening ceremony, where Baptist Monteiro used his keynote to address the challenges that Indian children and teenagers face as a result of growing social inequality. He highlighted the need to build up young people’s professional skills and improve their education for better social integration.

Lasting throughout 2022, the project comprises several courses to promote practical skills and creativity among the 290 homeless children involved and protect their health. The educational activities, all led by qualified teachers, include stained glass and artisan craft workshops, tailoring and beauty courses and a sports and nutrition program.