Rapid response to Covid-19

2020-06-25T10:29:00+02:002. June 2020|

The coronavirus has the whole world firmly in its grip. Those in countries without a properly functioning healthcare system have been particularly hard hit. The rate of infections and deaths is rising astronomically. The situation is no less alarming in India: With its 1.4 billion inhabitants, the country is heading for a humanitarian crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and it will be the poorest of the poor who are most severely affected – many of whom will not survive the crisis.

Since it was founded in 2018, Mix for Kids has financially supported multiple charity projects in India, including a children’s home for orphans in the city of Vadodara that also cares for the children in the surrounding shantytowns. It was from here that the association received a call for help. A sharp rise in prices for food and sanitary products had made it extremely difficult to keep providing to those in need. On hearing this, Mix for Kids decided in a heartbeat to make a further financial contribution of 5,000 euros on top of previously earmarked funds to help the children in the shantytowns in the greatest need.

Because we achieve more when we work together, Mix for Kids also asked its 100 members for support. As a result of this appeal for donations, we collected another 6,500 euros within a short space of time. This meant that Mix for Kids could send a total of 11,500 euros to India. A team from our project partner Don Bosco Mondo used this money to provide a month’s supply of food, protective masks and sanitary products for girls to around 400 poor families (or 2,000 people, including 1,000 children) in the shantytowns of Vadodara. This was an invaluable source of relief and security in a highly precarious situation. While they were distributing the aid packages, the Don Bosco Mondo team also explained necessary health and safety measures and spoke to the children about their fears and concerns. After all, as is always the case in times of disaster, children are the ones to suffer as schools close and food and work are getting scarce.

Young women from a self-help group in Vadodara supported by Mix for Kids also benefited from this project. These women produce and sell spice mixtures typical of the region which allows them to stand on their own two feet. They were able to earn extra money by sewing 2,500 protective masks as Mix for Kids funded their training course.

A video about this aid project can be found on YouTube.