Rapid assistance for Ukraine

2022-05-04T11:30:54+02:0022. April 2022|
assistance for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has caused immeasurable pain and suffering to the country and its people. Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes fearing for their lives, traveling to neighboring countries such as Poland.

A long-standing raw materials supplier has been involved in refugee aid since the outbreak of the war and, in his appeal for help to the company Kräuter Mix as the principal sponsor of Mix for Kids, reported stories of this human tragedy on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The village of Wielkie, where Kräuter Mix has a site, is situated a hundred kilometers from the border. The Polish business partner had rapidly set up a small refugee shelter in the village for up to eight people. Since the beginning of March, traumatized women and children are being sheltered here. They have had to leave their possessions behind, while any money they do have has hugely devalued since the beginning of the war.

Kräuter Mix from Abtswind, Germany, wanted to help those in the refugee shelter, making sure they are safe and equipped with the basic necessities, not least food, toiletries, and clothing. As such, they started a donation campaign with their employees. Within just two weeks, the company had collected 2500 euros thanks to everyone’s generosity, a sum Kräuter Mix later doubled before passing it on to Mix for Kids. The full amount of 5000 euros donated by Kräuter Mix and its employees went to helping mothers and their children in the refugee shelter.