On the safe side

2022-12-22T12:11:35+01:0020. December 2022|
Alle Jahre wieder spendet Markus Freund an Mix for Kids.

Come rain or shine, Markus Freund makes a donation to Mix for Kids. Every winter, the independent finance specialist, who is himself a member of Mix for Kids, kindly donates to the non-profit. In fact, Freund has supported the organization every year since it was founded in 2018, and his annual holiday donation has become something of a tradition. This year, the agency owner was joined by junior partner Jonas Puglio to present the symbolic check for 500 euros to project managers Gertraud Mix and Dr. Paula Torres Londoño.

Markus Freund has worked as an insurance and financial broker for services from the Zurich Insurance Group since 1991. 2022 was a big year for Finanzplanung Freund & Puglio, as it moved its offices from Schlüsselfeld to Scheinfeld, Germany. Since then, the Zurich Insurance Group regional office has been advising its customers from its new premises.