New bridge forges good connections

2024-01-31T16:01:46+01:0023. January 2024|
Spende der Gemeinde Abtswind an Mix for Kids

Since last summer, the German villages of Abtswind and Untersambach have been connected via a new bridge. The bridge’s predecessor was demolished three years prior to make way for a major freeway expansion project. Residents of the villages, situated two kilometers apart, marked the opening of the freeway bridge with a joint celebration, which saw locals gather on the bridge to celebrate the road’s reopening.

They had even written and sung their own special song, with the chorus: ‘Now we can cross this bridge again, for three years we wished in vain. Three whole years we were apart, but with this new bridge, we’ve a brand-new start.’ The party continued in Abtswind’s fire station with a barbecue and a bar selling drinks. The Abtswind community decided to donate the proceeds of these sales to Mix for Kids. Mayor Jürgen Schulz handed over a check for 425 euros to board member Michael Kämmerer.