Mix for Kids visits friends

2022-07-28T11:48:06+02:0026. July 2022|
Mix for Kids visits friends

Dr. Paula Torres Londoño and Gertraud Mix took the opportunity during a Kräuter Mix company business trip to Albania to visit the Don Bosco Center in Shkodra. The two Mix for Kids volunteers spent two and a half days at the educational institution, which is one of the association’s permanent support projects.

The nuns who run the Don Bosco Center with its kindergarten, elementary and high school were delighted to see the guests from Germany. Dr. Paula Torres Londoño and Gertraud Mix were welcomed by the children just as warmly and treated to a demonstration of their skills in dance, music and sport.

Throughout 2022, Mix for Kids is funding a project in Shkodra for sensory-motor development and inclusion. Children with autism, ADHD or intellectual disabilities are given the opportunity to develop their language and socialization skills through music.

“It is very touching to see how the support provided by Mix for Kids is bearing fruit and how committed the teachers are to the children,” said Dr. Paula Torres Londoño, who visited the school and lessons with Gertraud Mix. “Children with and without disabilities are in the same class. That is successful inclusion.” This was also the case during a joint trip to the seaside, which is only an hour away from Shkodra by bus. The children, their caregivers and the visitors from Abtswind spent a day at the Adriatic Sea, a trip which was sponsored by Mix for Kids.