Mix for Kids featured in 2,500 brochures

2019-12-06T09:58:25+01:0010. September 2019|

Kräuter Mix has opened a new chapter – and published an anniversary brochure. To mark its 100th anniversary, the Germany-based company, which supports Mix for Kids as the largest sponsoring member, has put together an impressive publication with 116 pages in German and English. At a print run of 2,500 copies, the book allows readers to immerse themselves into an exciting century of company history, tells the stories behind the story and what Kräuter Mix, as a manufacturer of herbs, spices and teas, is all about today. The publication is illustrated with numerous old and recent photographs.

One of the highlights of the brochure: a section dedicated to Mix for Kids. It contains information on how the non-profit organization was founded, what goals it pursues and what projects it sponsors. Kräuter Mix distributes copies of the publication on various occasions to business partners, customers, employees and the media, thus spreading the word about Mix for Kids as well.

On the Kräuter Mix website, you can have a look at the digital version of the brochure (click here). See page 78 for the section on Mix for Kids.