iPhones, cosmetics and candy

2021-12-10T11:41:20+01:009. December 2021|

The presents are wrapped: let the holidays begin! Mix for Kids has sent a large package to the Don Bosco Center in Shkodra, Albania, where three girls are able to go to school thanks to scholarships from Mix for Kids. Nikola and Marjana are 13 years old, and Françeska is 15. All three come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds.

This Christmas, the three girls can look forward to presents from Germany. Gertraud Mix, a member and supporter of Mix for Kids, has put together parcels for the teenagers as well as for the five nuns who look after the children and adolescents at the Don Bosco Center. So what do the girls get for Christmas? “Practical items like cosmetics and toiletries,” explains Gertraud Mix. Of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a few candies and Lebkuchen cookies thrown in too!

But that’s not all. This year, the nuns and teachers will also receive ten fully functional, preowned iPhones to help with their school classes. The devices should prove an invaluable tool for sharing knowledge and building media skills.