Here’s to the clown doctors!

2019-12-09T10:45:39+01:0011. October 2019|

Since 2014, Kräuter Mix has regularly supported Würzburg’s clown doctors with donations. Since the foundation of Mix for Kids in 2018, the charity has received donations through the non-profit organization associated with the company. At the Kräuter Mix company party in Abtswind (Germany), 700 guests applauded as Silke Wurlitzer and Gertraud Mix presented 3,000 euros to the clowns Schlawine (Tatjana Kapp), Machnix (Silvia Kirchhof), Böhnchen (Torsten Wittorf) and Flora (Karin Laug). The four clown doctors, who visit hospitals to make young patients smile, were so happy that they made the whole audience do the wave to spread the joy.