Everything happens for a reason

2023-02-13T10:27:36+01:008. February 2023|
Spende der Naturheilpraxis Geesdorf an Mix for Kids

Doris Hahn guides people on their path to healing and personal development. “I want to help people find their happiness in life,” says the naturopath. “Similarly, it’s important to me to donate regularly to help others.” Hahn’s latest donation of 400 euros is not the first time she has supported Mix for Kids.

Doris Hahn has been running her own part-time naturopathic practice in Geesdorf, Germany, since 2015. Working within alternative medicine, Hahn focuses on kinesiology, a treatment method that aims to detect physical and emotional imbalances.

The qualified ecotrophologist follows a holistic approach, certain that “everything happens for a reason.” In her practice, she treats and advises people of all ages who are suffering from physical or emotional symptoms and hoping to find new direction in their lives.